Predactica for Snowflake Data Cloud - Making business oriented, ML-powered data analysis simple and swift

Predactica’s native Snowflake platform helps citizen data scientists create, deploy and monitor ML models at scale on the Snowflake Data Cloud. This means businesses can now predict, forecast, identify trends and do more right within Snowflake, and go from raw data to building powerful predictive models rapidly.


  • Clean and transform data to make it analysis friendly
  • Deploy predictive data models and monitor their performances
  • Spot business trends from historical data and conduct a What-if analysis
  • Explore data to churn out actionable insights concerning
    • Product/service demand
    • Customer churn
    • Seasonality and other trends

How does it help you?

  • Existing Snowflake customers will benefit by having data already in Snowflake; alleviates cost and data privacy concerns
  • Optimized OPEX is made possible by our usage-based pricing model.
  • Stay on top of data trends, make data-driven decisions that improve RoI and understand the logic behind these insights, thanks to our XAI.

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