Contract Life Cycle Management

Extract fields, clauses, and metadata instantaneously from any kind of contract.

Trusted AI Extracts Actionable Contracts Insights

Analyze vital contract data automatically upon contract upload and ingestion.

Comprehensive Contract Management Solutions

Intuitive Customizable Dashboards

An interactive dashboard for visualizing and managing all contract information in one place.

Search Engine for Contracts

Quickly search your whole contract repository for specific clauses.

Advance Search

Explore contracts in simple, natural language and get clear, reasoned answers

Report and Alerts

Receive proactive notifications and stay ahead of all vital contract dates and milestones with ease.

Users & Permission

Control access for everyone with custom permission

Support for all contract types

Use Predactica for any contract type, including NDAs, MSAs, leases, ISDAs, BAAs and more

Linked Contract data to improve decision making

Efficient Contract Data Search and Analysis Across all Levels

Let's discuss how Predactica can help your team

Use predactica’s tool that’ll make use of historic data to deliver actionable insights.