End-to-end Data Sciences Platform with Generative AI capabilities

Use Predactica’s intuitive and unified portal SaaS to perform all your data science activities including:

  • Data ingestion and data cleansing powered by Generative AI
  • Feature engineering to create and modify existing features for model input
  • Auto ML capabilities to build predictive models
  • Deploy, measure and monitor models in production
  • Explain black box AI models using XAI capabilities

Monitor, Understand & Retrain your ML models with our Observability stack


Connect to your data

With native integration to Snowflake data cloud and other external data sources through connectors, seamlessly connect to multiple data sources through intuitive data ingestion flow.

Build and Deploy predictive models

Using built in Auto ML capabilities, create powerful and accurate predictive models with the click of a button. Evaluate and compare multiple models simultaneously and deploy desired models in production.

Explore and Transform data

Perform data wrangling, data exploration and feature engineering tasks to transform raw data with our smart recommendation system.

Explain models for transparency

Use inbuilt explainable AI (xai) capabilities to explain black box AI models and features contributing to model performance and model bias.


Strategic Partnerships with Leading Cloud/AI Technology Giants

We partner with the best technology stack like Snowflake. Google cloud, Azure and AWS to address your advanced analytic needs​.

One Stop Solution to your AI/ML Requirements​

With our expertise in building end-to-end AI/ML and Generative AI solutions, we will be at every step of your AI journey.

Advanced Analytic Products and Solutions​

We have built products to enable business stake holders, data analysts, data scientists and ML engineers to develop, deploy and monitor powerful predictive and Generative AI models.​

Industry Specific Solution Capabilities​

Combined with our platform capabilities our team has built industry specific AI/ML solutions to meet customer needs.​


Demand forecasting

Forecasting future demand for a product can aid in inventory optimization, higher turnover rates, and lower holding costs.

Churn prediction

Churn prediction analyzes customer behavior to identify those at risk of leaving, allowing businesses to take targeted actions to reduce churn and retain customers.

PREDACTICA - Our tool, your data warehouse

Predactica®'s ML-platform, connects with and works along with Snowflake seamlessly. The platform provides accurate, actionable insights based on the data stored on Snowflake. Predactica also proactively identifies data quality issues and enables users to apply custom wrangling steps. Users can prep their data and use ML models for prediction all from within Snowflake using Predactica®’s Snowflake integrated AI platform.

Key Features
  • Zero hassle to connect to your favourite data warehouse
  • Train ML models where your data resides
  • Requires zero coding background
  • Guided model development at every stage
  • Role-based access clarity and security


Revolutionize AI with Predactica’s ML Platform

Effortlessly Create Predictive Models with No Code & Monitor them with ease using our Platform. Simplify AI implementation with Predactica’s cloud-based ML platform. Check out this video to know more. 


Gigamon Senior IT Director

Predactica’s AI SaaS solutions are a game changer for our data science team

e-Zest CTO

Predactica's ML Studio is our go to tool for creating predictive models

Chris Lapore Sr. Account Executive

Predactica is our trusted partner for AI/ML services enablement.


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